Fred in his Australian Office * September 2021

About Fred:

Fred Ogden MRSB uses the nom-de-plume Fred: Almost Famous.
International Science Educator; Biologist; some-time preacher; all-time thinker; and Eclectic Storyteller.
One of Fred’s eclectic mix of stories will be just be right for you.
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A World With A COVID Corona * by Miroslava Chrienova on Pixabay

Today is November 29th 2021, and this is my COVID Bulletin №6.
It takes a look at the sudden emergence of a new COVID Variant of Concern, named ‘OMICRON’, announced by the World Health Organisation (WHO) just 3 days ago.

Note: As before, I write from a science background, and…

Mirror, Mirror … is This ‘Me’? * by Andre Mouton on Pixabay

Have you looked at yourself in a mirror lately? Bet you have!
What do you see? Do you think that others ‘see’ the same as you, or do they perhaps see ‘the real you’?
What is the real you?

A Fun exercise:

Here’s a fun exercise to introduce you to some visual realities.

The Royal Seat in it’s museum case * with supporting documentation * Photo by author

Tarawa is the main island of the Pacific nation of Kiribati.
In October 1982, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II paid an official visit, and I was there. My Invitation card (from the President of Kiribati) is shown above, together with a first-day stamp cover and an official Royal Visit Programme.

Gladiators: * Image credits: Radoan Tanvir on Pixabay + author’s wording

In my COVID bulletins I try to summarize info from a variety of sources in an attempt to present current (or near-current) COVID info. I attempt to make my findings readable, in the hope that they add to your own on-going knowledge, giving you a more accurately picture of COVID-19.

Jesus * Barack * Donald… which one is the imposter? * Image credit: Stephen Mayes on Unsplash

This is one of my “Me and …” stories … true stories from my life.
№.11: ‘Me and a Look-alike’.

If you could be like just one of these 3 people who would it be? I think that even if you are an atheist, you probably admire Jesus’ principles, especially…

Couldn’t Sleep All Night … and He’s Still Puzzled! + Image credit: Bruce Mars on Unsplash

I once heard someone delivering one of those clever quips; you know … the sort of statement that’s a bit ridiculous, but is tantalizingly infectious in that it can’t be dismissed readily. It lingers on in your mind, and you find yourself repeating it over and over again!

The statement…

Fred: Almost Famous

Fred Ogden MRSB: International Science Educator; Biologist; some-time preacher; all-time thinker; Eclectic Storyteller. Email Fred:

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