Fred in his Australian Office * September 2021

About Fred:

Fred Ogden MRSB uses the nom-de-plume Fred: Almost Famous.
International Science Educator; Biologist; some-time preacher; all-time thinker; and Eclectic Storyteller. One of his eclectic mix will be just be right for you.

“I love your work. Keep them coming! Bravo!
I’m a Fred groupie. YAY FRED!!!!!” …
Jan Sebastian


Circus Elephant — Vintage Art * Public Domain Image on Pixabay

The picture above looks a bit ‘artificial’ in it’s depictions of the circus elephant and the crowd. Perhaps the artist used what we call “Artistic Licence” and certain elements are exaggerated. Maybe … maybe not.

However, in my story today I want to lead you into ‘the real Circuses of…

A birthday present fit for a Queen * Image credit: Julien Tromeur on Pixabay

First, an early warning + an exciting end-of-story opportunity:

This birthday article may strike you as just a boring list of dates and occasions, and you might be tempted to switch off and abandon the read. But I would encourage you to complete the read … even if you simply scroll down to the end in a speed-read sort-of-way…

My Marine Iguana on a Rock * Photo by author

I’ve no idea what type of Iguana the creator of this one (above) was trying to depict, but as soon as I saw it in a local garage sale, my immediate thoughts were:
1. It must be a marine Iguana (like those in The Galapagos Islands that Charles Darwin first discovered…

* * * * * * * * * * * * Which variant will be ‘Better than The Best of the Rest?’ in 2022? * * * * * * * * * * * * Image credit: Sylvester on Pixabay + author’s additional wording

This is my COVID Bulletin №8. It asks: “Which Variant will be The Best?

In my previous Bulletin … №7, we asked: Why do viruses keep coming?’ and we came up with a simple explanation: It’s all about the numbers’.

To get to this conclusion, and confirm it, we looked…

Alpha to Omega * then what?

On November 29th 2021 in my COVID Bulletin №6 I had a headline that stated: ************ “OMICRON is Here … I Warned You” ************ That was just three days after the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared OMICRON ‘A Variant of Concern’.

Today, my COVID Bulletin No7 takes a look at…

Smile and … the world may smile with you * Image: Absolut Vision on Pixabay

The idea is simple: Smile and perhaps the world around you will smile with you. Why don’t you give it a go?

The old song had the words: ‘Smile and the world smiles with you’.
You can hear them here in this YouTube clip. Nat King Cole is the singer.

Where, What, Who? … is this God? * Image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

There are those believe that there is no ‘God’ and say they ‘just know’.

There are those who say that God does exist, and that they too just know’.

For some, just the idea of a ‘God’ is not only improbable, but totally impossible.
Others have belief system that tells them…

Fred: Almost Famous

Fred Ogden MRSB: International Science Educator; Biologist; some-time preacher; all-time thinker; Eclectic Storyteller. Email Fred anytime with this This Link.

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