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“Looks like I need to grab another cup-O-tea and git to gitt’n readin’ your stories! LOVE this idea of creating the list with quotes from fellow Medium writers’ comments! FAN-freakin-TASTIC!” ♥ Karen Falcon

Not quite what you get today … Attitudes change.

Circus Elephant — Vintage Art * Public Domain Image on Pixabay

The picture above looks a bit ‘artificial’ in it’s depictions of the circus elephant and the crowd. Perhaps the artist used what we call “Artistic Licence” and certain elements are exaggerated. Maybe … maybe not.

However, in my story today I want to lead you into ‘the real Circuses of Old’ by telling you about my own experiences of circus visits to my home town when I was boy. I’ll show you some quite amazing (real)images of what actually did go on in circuses of days gone by.

My own experiences relate to circuses in England, though some of my…

Charles Darwin not seeing clearly? * Image credit: Misael Moreno on Unsplash

This is my Quickie-story №2: A short, 1 or 2 minute super-quick read.
Super-quick reads don’t say much, but point the way to bigger things.

This quickie begins with a quote from Charles Darwin’s book ‘On the Origin of Species’, where he set out his theory of evolution:

“To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances … could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree” (Chapter VI) … Charles Darwin

Christian fundamentalists use this quote to support their anti-evolution views. Why did Darwin say this? Why would he? …

Fred brings you selected stories from those he follows

“Dear Dr Mehmet Yildiz …” * Image credit: LEEROY Agency on Pixabay

My lead article in this edition of ‘Fred Follows Fine Form’ was written by Samra. In her article titled: ‘An emotional letter to Dr Mehmet Yildiz’ she attempts to counter some recent criticisms that were aired concerning the publication ILLUMINATION, a creation of Dr Mehmet Yildiz.

She does this with dignity and well-thought out arguments plus data to support her analysis of ILLUMINATION’s overall work.
Towards the end of her letter to Dr M she makes a simple, but powerful statement when she says:

“a few thousand genuine followers are better than millions of fake followers. (I have )no doubt…

My COVID Bulletin №1: “Fear not, we have vaccine … really? !!”

Dolly Parton in a Graffiti Image * Photo credit: Wes McPhee on Unsplash

There’s a story about a theologian with a musical talent who decided to write a series of songs based on ‘The Psalms of The Old Testament’:
When he submitted a draft to his publishers, he received a request to remove one of the lines from one of his songs. He had changed the words of one psalm that said: “… the evil are on the way to their doom” so that in the new song it now read: “God will punish sinners with a plague”.

The publishers requested a change, saying: “nowadays we don’t get plagues”!

Enter COVID-19: The plague…

Is it possible to believe in Jesus and still ‘make fun’? I think it is:

Having Fun with The Bible* Image credit: Ben White on unsplash

If you look closely at this kid’s bible, you’ll maybe notice that he has it opened near the beginning, perhaps at the book of Genesis in ‘The Old Testament’.

He’s clearly having fun. Has someone just told him a funny story about creation and The Garden of Eden? I certainly know a few of those, but they are for another of my biblical stories to be told on another occasion.

For now, let’s look at some true stories of ‘having fun with the Bible’, and it’s not always out-and-out unbelievers who make this fun. For instance, John (Jack) Shelby Spong…

I was there … and thousands of others … it’s true!

Christ The Redeemer (overlooking Manchester?) * Image credit: Robert Nyman on unsplash

I begin with a bit of fun! I start with a quiz question based on a real question that was given to several thousand children in England in 2016. See what you think the answer is … then I’ll reveal the answer that the kids gave.

Here’s the question:

Who is Jesus Christ?
Is he …
A) A Jew who was The President of Israel
B) A famous magician who could walk on water and change water into wine
C) A good story-teller who told lots of good stories
D) A footballer who plays in the English Premier League for Chelsea
E) The Son of God…

Beware! … This man’s story sends a warning

CHANGE * Image credit: Krisztian Tabori on unsplash

Billy Graham, the American Evangelist who took his ‘Christian Crusades’ to cities all over the world in the 20th Century had the strongest of desires to ‘Bring people to Christ’; to preach the gospel message of ‘The good News’; and, preach that lives could be changed and people could be ‘Born Again’ if they were to make ‘A Decision for Christ’.

So powerful were his sermon messages that thousands and thousands of people all over the world would ‘Come to know Christ as their Savior’, and demonstrate their decision by ‘Coming Forward’ at the end of each crusade session. Billy…

Don’t dismiss the idea of miracles … at least not yet!

‘Walking on Water’ * Image credit: Khusen Rustamov on Pixabay

‘Walking on Water’, a famous sentence from one of Jesus’ miracles, is a well known phrase often used in fun, and in reality, few people believe that it can or did actually happen. Come with me on a fun-ride with Tiger Woods, but first a very brief intro to this and other ‘Miracles of Jesus’:

The W-o-W miracle is the story of Jesus walking on the water towards a boat containing his disciples. It is recorded in the New Testament gospels. This and another miracle: (Feeding of the 5,000) can be found in Matt 14: 25–31 and John 6: 15–21

Fred: Almost Famous

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